We have released WordPress MVC version 1.0.3 upon some several updates to some package modules.

The most important improvement has been the migration to Gulp 4 and support for NodeJS v13.

IMPORTANT: We will be migrating from Gulp to Webpack for the next major release. Most likely the gulp module will become deprecated and useless. We want to include Gutenberg block development as the next big thing in the Framework and webpack is the best choise to accomplish this.

Migrating from to 1.0.3

Gulp 4

Update your package.json file and make it look like this:

  "dependencies": {
    "gulp": "^4.0.2",
    "gulp-wpmvc": "^1.3.*"

Then update your project dependencies by running the command:

npm update

If you run into troubles, delete the folder /node_modules, delete the file package.lock and try again.

Request class

The Request class implements auto-sanitization, so review your code a remove double sanitization, for example, this:

$value = sanitize_text_field( Request::input( ... ) );

Should be replaced for this:

$value = Request::input( ... );

Other relevant changes

  • Multi assets compilation.
  • Improved handling of multiple configuration files.
  • Watch and deploy gulp tasks.
  • Bug fixes.